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Garden of Goodness

Lord and Beautiful Creator,
giver of grains and seeds,
of fruits and berries and all that grows from the earth,
we thank You and we bless You for this year’s harvest.  
We lift up our hearts in gratitude to the Sun,
which, together with rain, wind and earth,
worked in harmony to produce this bountiful harvest.

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The Garden Story

The Garden of Goodness at Prince of Peace Catholic Community is a special project that promotes community involvement and charitable giving.

The Garden is a beautiful, thriving space where volunteers come together to plant, tend, and harvest fresh produce that is then donated to our local Paul's Pantry.

Volunteering for the Garden of Goodness is an excellent way to serve the local community while also growing in your Catholic faith.

When we tend to the garden, we are actively participating in the stewardship of God's creation, nurturing life, and sharing the fruits of our labor with those in need. In doing so, we demonstrate the love, generosity, and compassion that are at the heart of our Catholic faith.

Rural Life Days 2023 Winner: Tessa DeMeuse (Garden of Goodness)

Through this ministry, we are reminded of the importance of taking care of our neighbor and working towards the common good. We learn to appreciate the beauty and abundance of nature, recognizing the many gifts that God has given us. By volunteering in the Garden of Goodness, we are not only helping to feed the hungry but also strengthening our own faith and spirituality.

The Garden of Goodness also benefits the local community in several ways. It provides fresh, healthy produce to those who may not have access to it otherwise, promoting good health and well-being. It also brings people together, fostering a sense of community and connection. By working together towards a common goal, we build relationships, create bonds, and strengthen the fabric of our community.

POP's Garden of Goodness is an important ministry that serves both the local community and our Catholic faith. By volunteering in this project, we not only help to feed the hungry but also deepen our faith and spirituality. Through the growth of the garden, we learn to appreciate the beauty of God's creation, cultivate a sense of community, and strengthen our commitment to serving others.

Garden of Goodness Maintenance & Harvesting Guidelines

Weed ~ Harvest ~ Water

Report any issues with plants or garden Detailed Guide.

​Garden should be monitored by volunteer 2-3 times per week.

Visits should be spaced evenly throughout the week.

The garden should be watered at each visit depending on the amount of rain that has fallen during that week.

Weeding should be done at each visit as well as removing over crowded plant material.

Spent plant material and weeds may be placed in the compost area.

When needed, harvest ripened vegetables, check for quality, and bring to Paul’s Pantry 1529 Leo Frigo Way, Green Bay, WI 54302.

Donation Hours: Monday-Friday 6:00am-3:30 pm & Saturday 6:00 am-2:00 pm.

Vegetables don’t have to be perfectly clean, but a quick rinse would be appreciated. Please make every attempt to care for the garden during your chosen week.

If you are unable to keep your commitment, please contact the office so a replacement can be found.

​The HHM (Helping Hands Ministry) Committee thanks you for your time, effort, and service to those in need!

POP Garden of Goodness
Garden Kids
POP Garden of Goodness


Looking to get involved with the Garden? Let us know!


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