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POP parishioners sharing their stories on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and their own Holy Moments at Prince of Peace

Becoming Catholic...

"I was confirmed in the Catholic faith on March 30, 2002, at Divine Redemer Church in South Carolina.  Before my confirmation, I identified myself as fallen away Anglican/Episcopalian.  It was my wife Lisa that finally brought me to church. 

After months of encouragement, I agreed to attend Midnight Mass with her.  All it took was getting me in the door.  It didn't take much for me to return to the church of my baptism: The Episcopal Church. ..."

Jack Wrbanich

Denise & David


"When we arrived the first time, we were greeted outside and inside the church. Someone asked what our names were because they knew we were new to Prince of Peace.
We were amazed that the Priest and Deacons were also out greeting us.
As we approached the church, they opened the very large doors and we felt like they were "expecting us." My husband & I officially joined in February 2022 and we feel so at "Home" here.
We are still amazed at the doors being opened for us & the feeling of being welcomed.
​Thank you Prince of Peace!"

Amy Kawula

Amy Kawula Headshot.jpeg
“Prince of Peace Parish Community has pleasantly surprised my family with the way the parish team welcomes all people as they enter and as they leave Mass. Week after week, each person is met with at least three warm smiles where they build relationship with people, making them feel known and loved."

Susan Rosek

"Our high school chemistry class was studying atomic orbitals.  I, like the rest of the class, was having much difficulty grasping the concepts. The time for learning ended and testing was imminent the next day.  I felt so desperate and lost.  Studying for hours did not seem to help so I prayed, “Dear God, please open my eyes to see, my mind to understand.  I cannot do this without you.  Please help me.”
The next day when the test was placed before me it was as if the fog had lifted!  What I read was clear and easy!  I aced the test, much to my classmates’ dismay because my grade skewed the curve.  I walked out of the room praising God and knowing I just experienced a miracle. 
God knows our needs and loves us so much.  He is there to help in all situations . . . just believe and trust.  I will never forget that day."

"Coming to Prince of Peace gave me the feeling of a family away from my own. Prince of Peace helps anyone who wants to be there and gives everyone the chance to show up. They welcome everyone with a smile. I am glad to be a part of this church and let this church’s community grow my faith.
Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience."

Confirmation Student 2022

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