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Faith Formation Begins Here

This is a safe space to explore your faith.


Faith Flows Through Us...

Who Is Jesus?

He has many names and he taught us to love above all. Get to know Jesus Christ and journey closer to him.

Youth Group

Our youth group (MS/HS aged kids) are on fire with the Holy Spirit

Gospel Time

Find out more about this special offering for our little lambs (children) ages 3+ during Mass.

Adult Small Groups

We have a variety of adult faith formation and community connection groups. Discover more, here.

Religious Education

We partner with parents to help with the faith formation of children in Grades 1 - 11 (Confirmation) and walk with them in their Catholic faith journey.

Sacramental Prep

We walk with our youth, accompanying them in their faith journey as they prepare to receive the sacraments.

No one person has had a greater impact throughout history than Jesus. Atheists, Scientists, Christians and many others between the lines and even those blurring the lines all find ties to Jesus.

He hung out with those who were left behind, judged, forgotten, abandoned, hated, neglected, suffering, lonely and lost. Jesus loved first and taught us to do the same.

He has had many names throughout history, and has been described countless ways (as you can see), and he gave himself to us so that we might be forgiven of all our sins.

Jesus shares himself with us through the Eucharist (see more in the Sacraments on Holy Communion) in his body and blood. As Catholics, we know it isn't just a symbol, or a metaphor, but truly HIS body and blood being shared with us through the Mass.

Hard to believe? Check out Eucharistic Miracles and the inexplainable science in each instance. 

The history of Jesus is best found in the New Testament of The Bible, most specifically in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

You can learn more about Jesus at Prince of Peace by attending Mass, joining a small group, or scheduling a meeting with our clergy.

We want to walk with you on your journey to Jesus, accompanying you in a safe space to explore your faith. Jesus met people where they were at, and we strive to follow his example at Prince of Peace. 


Who Is Jesus?

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