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There are countless volunteer opportunities here at Prince of Peace Parish.  If you are looking to volunteer your time or talent, please contact us and we will help you find the best way to get involved.

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Start Here

Trying to figure out the best ways to share you time, talent and/or treasure? Explore your CHARISM to help get you started.

What Is Your Charism?

Charisms are gifts of the Holy Spirit given in the Sacrament of Baptism.
Knowing how you have been gifted can help you to activate the power of God in your life and help you take part in the mission of the Church.

​Discover what gifts you may have already received from God.
This is a free survey for self-discovery and you cannot fail.
It takes most people about 10-15 minutes to answer the questions.

What do the results mean?
Learn more about baptism, service, mission, and how to decipher your survey results.
Learn about what will you can do with the results and what it means to be equipped for mission.

Take the POP Volunteer Survey

Now it's time to explore what we currently have at POP with where you see yourself getting involved.

Have something else in mind? No sweat! Let us know what you would like to see grow in the Prince of Peace community and let's explore it together. Our goal is to focus on Jesus in all we do, each ministry, each day.

Church Cleaning Crew

Many hands make light work!


The usual day for cleaning is Thursday mornings after the 7:30 morning Mass. 

Contact Us to get involved with this team

Musical Talents Needed

Do you or someone you know have musical talents?


We are always looking for more people to utilize their talents to help lead worship at our weekend liturgies.


If you sing, play an instrument, or want to get involved in the music ministry, let us know. Or nominate a talented musician and how to contact them.

Contact Us to get involved with this team

Community Needs

Want to help with basic community needs? Know of someone in the community who needs help/support?

Let us know!

  • Prayer

  • Emotional support such as a phone call, email, or someone to check in with people

  • Food: Meals prepared for me/family or groceries

  • Baby/Toddler Needs (Diapers, wipes, etc.)

  • Personal hygiene items (TP, tampons, depends, poise pads, hand soap, etc)

  • Cleaning supplies  (laundry supplies, dish soap, household cleaning, toweling etc.)

  • Pet Needs (food, supplies, etc)

  • Other (Include other ways they may be able to help)


Let us know you want to get involved in the POP Community. Contact us, today and let's lead the way to Christ, together.

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