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The Sacrament of Baptism

We are excited to walk with you in this faith journey

Expecting a baby? We're excited to walk with you on your family's faith journey. Our Baptism Preparation Class is designed to help you understand the significance of this sacrament and find a supportive community.


Deacon Dennis Kozlovsky

Baptism Preparation Leader

Deacon Dennis leads our Baptism Preparation Program with dedication and care. His deep faith and warm approach help expecting parents understand the significance of the sacrament and feel welcomed into our church community. With years of experience, Deacon Dennis ensures every family is prepared and supported on their baptism journey.

Baptism Prep Class Info

Why Attend?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Have questions? We have answers!


Q: Do we need to wait until our baby is born to attend the class?

A: No, you can attend while expecting! It’s a great way to prepare in advance.


Q: What do we need to bring to the class?

A: Just yourselves and an open heart! We'll provide all the materials you need.


Q: Are both parents required to attend?

A: Yes, we ask that both parents attend. Godparents are also strongly encouraged to join.


Q: How do we register?

A: Simply call our parish office at 920-468-5718 or contact us below.

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