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$CRIP / Raise Right

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Dear Parishioners,

We recently added the Raise Right phone app and online application to the SCRIP program for our customers’ convenience and to satisfy the needs of those who like shopping that way.  In no way will this addition interfere with the sale of physical cards as you are accustomed.  You may continue to buy SCRIP by filling out an order form and purchasing the physical cards after Mass or Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in the office.  That process will always remain the same.

Raise Right accounts are easy to set up and link to your credit card, bank link or debit card.  It uses the security platform PLAID, which is trusted and used by over 3,000 banks.  It is convenient because you use the same ID and password online as on the app. It allows you to purchased e-cards while waiting in line and use them immediately at check-out; no pre-planning necessary.  Raise Right tracks your spending and rebates earned.  Our order form notes the vendors who offer e-cards; 39 of our 74 cards can be purchased as e-cards, and 26 are reloadable. 


Please know those cards also remain in-stock as physical cards and are available for purchase after Mass or in the office. 

A potential shopping trip for school supplies and clothes could easily cost $460 and yield a rebate to the church of over $55. If a family member is a Religious Education student half of that - $27 - would be applied to their tuition with no additional expense to the family! This truly is an easy and profitable way to fund raise without spending extra money. 

Starbucks (e-card)             $  25   4.5%  $  1.13
Shell  (physical card)         $  50   10%    $  5.00
Gap  (e-card)                       $100  14%    $14.00
Old Navy  (e-card)              $100  14%    $14.00
Bath Body  (e-card)           $  75   12%    $  9.00
Dave & Buster’s (e-crd)    $  35   14%    $  4.90
The Children’s Place (e)    $  35   12%    $  4.20
Marcus Theatre (e-card)  $  40     8%    $  3.20
                                               ____              ______
TOTAL                                   $460              $55.43
If you are interested in a Raise Right account, please email 

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SCRIP / Raise Right: Ways to Buy Physical Cards
Tried and True
Complete a SCRIP order form (use an address label for convenience)
Present form and payment to office staff or Mass volunteers for filling.
NOTE: printable order forms are available on the web site.
Convenience Option - Skip the Line; Shop Online
Create your order on the phone app or online at
Pay with a linked bank account, debit card or credit card.
Receive email confirming receipt of order.
Receive a second email advising order is filled and ready for pickup. 
Note: Allow a minimum of two business days.

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NOTE: banking transactions cost $.29 per order (regardless of size); credit card transactions cost 3% of the total order; debit card transactions cost 1% of the total order.


If you place an order for physical gift cards at or
on the Raise Right phone app the following rules/restrictions apply.
IN-STOCK pre-paid (via credit card, debit card or bank link) physical card orders will be filled upon receipt (minimum two business days).  An email will be sent confirming receipt of order and a second to advise order is filled and ready for pick-up in the parish office during regular business hours: Monday through Thursday 8 am – 4 pm; Friday 8 am – noon.
Special order cards will require payment in full BEFORE requisitioning.  Using a linked bank account or credit card to prepay is preferred.  

The most efficient way to use Raise Right is to have a linked bank account, credit card or debit card on file.  If you need the physical cards immediately the best option is to complete an order form and visit the office on Mon., Wed., Fri., mornings or the SCRIP table after Masses. 
Payment in full must be received before cards are dispensed – no exceptions.

Updated - January 25, 2024

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RE Scrip Tuition


If you have a Scrip Tuition Credit, they will be sent via email. Please watch to pay your remaining balance. 

SCRIP TUITION CREDIT PROGRAM -- Start earning tuition credit on your 1st dollar spent!

Need Help with Scrip? Let us know!

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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